Dr. Irina Repina

Irina Repina

Specialist in retina pathology. Graduated from Riga medical institute in 1975. Continued education in Helmholz eye institute, S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution. Has 25 years experience of work in children hospital emergency department. Simultaneously, was actively involved in eye diseases functional diagnostics in municipal clinic. Field of interest – retinal pathology. Dr Repina has many scientific publications and also is an ophthalmology book author. Regularly participates in international scientific congresses dedicated to retinal pathology.

Member of dr. Solomatin’s team from 1998. Consults patients with general eye pathology, performs ultrasound examinations, electrophysiological retinal and optic nerve functions examinations, optical coherence topmography, angyography and other examinations. Actively takes part in scientific work of the clinic.